Top Roofing Materials

When modernizing the roof of your home, not only are you able to add to its value, you’re also able to communicate the feel of the house. With so many styles and type of roofing that are on the market today, deciding which is the best product for you can become overwhelming. Although they have their own way of adding a distinguishing style to your home, they can have their different strengths and weaknesses. So how do you decide which the right one for you?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Will the weight of the product make extra framing?Roof, best materials
  • What is the lifespan?
  • Is the material capable of withstanding natural disasters?
  • Is there enough slope?
  • Will the roof be a good accompaniment to the overall look of the house?
  • Is the product eco-friendly?
  • Do local building codes allow that type of roofing?
  • How much will it cost?

6 Most Popular Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt
  • Clay and Concrete
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Synthetic Roofing Products
  • Wood Shingles and Shakes

Not all types roofing are fitted for all houses. Your selection could be limited by various elements such as the strength of the framing or the slope of the roof. Be sure to look for a material that has acceptable wind resistance if you happen to live an area that is likely to have hurricanes.

There are many different materials to choose from when considering remodeling your roof and even more things to consider. So in case you’re finding yourself completely baffled on which is the best roofing material that will go with your home, be sure to give Capital Construction a call today at (612) 263-9262.