Minnetonka, MN Cedar Shake Roof Contractor

cedar shake roof Capital Construction is a full-service construction company that performs both commercial and residential roofing. Our roofing contractors are highly qualified and experienced roofers who are backed by the roofing industry’s best warranty. Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied with their roofing installation or repairs. We accomplish this by providing quality work at a fair price and working with all insurance companies. When you choose Capital Construction as your cedar roof contractor in Minnetonka, MN you can be certain that you will get excellent craftsmanship. Don’t believe us? We are Better Business Bureau accredited and maintain an A rating.

Cedar Roofing Experts

The roofing contractors at Capital Construction are all Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Approved Installers. This means that we have the technical knowledge to properly install or repair almost any cedar roof.

Why Do Cedar Shake Roofs Rot?

Any roof that is left exposed to the elements is vulnerable to the effects of weathering and cedar shake shingles are no exception. Like other materials, cedar will begin to change as a result of weathering from both physical and chemical changes.

Weathering And Your Cedar Roof

The first noticeable change that you will see is that your shakes will change color from red-brown to silver-gray. This change is caused by the daily exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. You will probably notice your roof change colors within the first year it is constructed and will continue to become a darker shade of gray as more time passes.

The surface of your roof will experience deterioration over time that is due to abrasive particles carried by water and wind that grind along your cedar shingles. Also, exposure to extreme temperatures during the winter and summer can cause wood to warp.

Moisture And Debris

Over time, debris such as twigs, leaves, pine needles, etc. can lodge themselves in between individual shakes causing these areas to remain moist long after a storm. This can mean serious problems for your roof with shakes that begin to separate from the roof, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to potential water damage. Even more, the moisture that accumulates in these areas present the ideal breeding ground for mosses and molds.

The moss that grows in the damp crevices between your cedar shakes has a negative impact on your roof in two ways.

  • it makes it more difficult for your roof to shed water during a storm – increasing the chances of a leak
  • when the storm is over, your roof retains more moisture – a recipe for disaster with cedar shake roofing systems

Talk to a cedar shake roof contractor in Minnetonka. MN from Capital Construction to learn more about why we are the right choice for your cedar shake roofing repairs.