Roofing Myths You Might Believe


MYTHSAll fields have myths that arise. While myths can be good fun, they can mislead you and create misunderstandings. Separating fact from fiction can give you all the information you need to make a decision on your roofing. If you think some information may be a myth, always check with your roofer. They will be happy to give you the correct information and dispell myths.

Top 3 Roofing Myths

Myth #1 It’s More Cost Effective To Pay For Repairs After Damage Has Happened.

Many people believe the myths that having annual inspections and regular repair are not economical choices. Waiting until damage arises can actually be more costly than having your roof inspected and repaired regularly. With regular inspections, your roofers can fortify and weakened area’s on your roof, giving you additional protection from damage and lengthening the life of your roof.

Myth #2 Repairing Damaged Shingles Is As Simple As Installing New Shingles Over The Old Ones.

This myth is not only wrong, it can cause more damage! In order to repair shingles, the best thing to do is removed the damaged materials and then replace them. Installing materials over the old shingles will only cause the likelihood of more damage.

Myth #3 Cedar Shakes Don’t Last Very Long As A Roofing Option.

Cedar shakes are made of a natural material. This leads people to believe it is not a good roofing option and that it won’t last. However, like any roofing material, the difference is in the process of making the shakes. Cedar shakes last on average from 30 to 40 years! This means your roof will last you for most of your life.

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