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Roof Damage from Falling Leaves

It is fall and the leaves are coming down. Though dying and falling leaves on roofs are not usually a danger–in fact, they’re often beautiful–they can still cause a few problems. When the leaves fall heavily onto your roof, and then it rains, they can get lodged in places and stuff your gutters. Over time, these leaves can rot and cause damage within the shingles. To avoid roof damage from falling leaves in Minneapolis, MN, call (612) 263-9262.

When these falling leaves filling your gutters, they become heavy. If the wood on your roof is damaged, cracks can form, and then so may leaks. All of this can then lead to mold, falling gutters, and other, larger problems.

Orange and Yellow Leaves Collected on Roof and in Gutter

Call Us for Roof Damage from Falling Leaves.

Watching for Roof Damage from Falling Leaves

As fall progresses, watch your and the falling leaves. If they start to collect, remove them. You can use a blower, or broom if you don’t have a blower. If you have professional lawn care services, sometimes they will take care of it for you. If you get up on a ladder, take special precautions; don’t climb up onto the roof unless you take all safety measures. I could be slippery.

If Roof Damage Already Exists

Hopefully, you never have to deal with roof damage caused by falling leaves. However, if those rotting leaves have been left up there for years, it’s possible. You should have your roof thoroughly inspected by roof technicians. They can discover and solve problems you may have.

If you suspect leaves may be causing damage, call Capital Construction at (612) 263-9262. For roof damage from falling leaves in Minneapolis, MN cause a problem, we will come sort it out.

Hidden Dangers of Roof Water Leaks

Roof Water Leaks

Signs Such as Water Stains Should Prompt an Immediate Call for Roof Repairs.

Everyone knows that roof water leaks are bad for a home or business. Aside from the unsightly nature of water stains on the ceiling, no one wants to live or work under a roof that constantly drips. What are the actual dangers of water leaks, however? If you’ve ever wondered this, you will find your answers below. 

Mold and Mildew

Moisture inside of a structure can cause hidden spores of mold and mildew to proliferate. Once this happens, you can quickly have a full-blown infestation on your hands. Mold and mildew will not only damage structural components, but also cause serious health issues.

Fire Hazard

Believe it or not, a water leak can create a fire hazard. Once the leak reaches the walls, it will come into contact with electrical wiring. A short circuit can cause an electrical fire, a dangerous and damaging consequence.

Higher Bills

As a water leak makes its way through a roof, attic, and ceiling, it will damage all insulation it comes across. As your insulation becomes compromised, it cannot effectively contain heat or cool air. Your HVAC will work harder, and you will see higher energy bills as a result.

Compromised Integrity

Lastly, a water leak can negatively affect the very integrity of your structure. Rafters, wall framing, ceiling joists, and exterior components like trim and fascia can all suffer damage. As this damage persists, you will eventually face expensive repairs.

At Capital Construction, we serve as the local solution for roof water leaks in Minneapolis, MN. If you suspect or have observed a leak in your home or business, give us a call today at (612) 263-9262.

Early Fall Roof Replacement

Roof Surrounded By Fall Colors

Autumn is a Good Time To Consider Roof Replacement.

Fall is practically here, which means that winter is going to be here before you know it. Winter can be extremely hard on your home’s roof, especially if your roof isn’t in the best shape. Roofs that are old or in need of replacement are likely to leak, or possibly even cave in under snow accumulation. If you need a roof replacement, early fall is one of the best times to have that done. Call Capital Construction at (612) 263-9262 to get your roof replaced before the bad weather sets in.

Benefits of Early Fall Roof Replacement

Mild Weather
Generally speaking, the weather in early fall is not as harsh as seasons like summer or winter. The temperature is cooler, but not freezing and there aren’t typically major storms that occur. This gives your roofing materials a chance to cure and settle before the weather really gets bad.

You Can Save on Energy
A new roof is sealed tighter against the elements than your old roof. This means that your home will be better equipped to keep out the cold weather. Nights can start getting cold in the fall. By getting your roof replaced in early September, you’ll be saving on energy all through the autumn and winter seasons.

Don’t Wait

Getting your roof replaced is not something to put off until spring. It could mean the difference between cozy winter nights with your family and dealing with a variety of problems caused by a faulty roof. Contact Capital Construction today to speak to someone about an early fall roof replacement for your home.

Home Roof Inspection Tips

Designed to protect your home, your roof is an important part of your life, indeed. A great way to make sure your roof is in top condition is to have it inspected at least once annually. Failing to do so can leave your roof vulnerable to sever damages such as leaking. While a professional should look at your roof for your annual inspection, it doesn’t hurt to check your roof for damages yourself from time to time.

Asphalt Shingles

For safety reasons, it may be best to inspect your roof from the ground. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, start by checking the ground around your foundation for signs of loose shingle asphalt. When you look up at your roof, keep an eye out for dents in your shingles, as well as lifted or curling shingles. These types of issues can leave your roof open to rain damage, so have them repaired ASAP.

Cedar Shake

If you have a cedar shake roof, it is essential that you inspect it from the ground, as walking on those types of shingles can break them almost immediately. Check for any overhanging branches that may be causing shady spots, and have them trimmed. Any debris on your roof, such as leaves, needs to be removed quickly to prevent mold growth or rotting of the shingles.

Metal Roofing

If you have a metal roof, you can expect it to require less maintenance, but it will still be vulnerable to rust. If you see rust buildup, call a professional to remove the rust, and ask about metal roof coating options.


If you need help with your roof inspection, or if you’ve noticed you need repairs, give us a call at (612) 263-9262 today!

Summer Roof Inspections In Minneapolis, MN

With the spring season over, we can finally hope to see a few less heavy rain storms, and less stress on our roof systems. That means now is also a good time to have your roof inspected for damages from the storms. While everyone knows that hail is a dangerous nuisance to your roof, many homeowners don’t know that wind damage is actually one of the leading causes of roof damages. After storm season, it is a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected for any damages that you may not have yet noticed.

When it comes to roof damage, minor problems can become serious issues very quickly, and with little warning. A missing shingle, for example, may seem like no big deal, but it actually leaves your roof incredibly vulnerable to water damage. If water manages to get beneath your shingles, it could be months before you notice leaks within the house. However, by the time you notice leaks within the house, you can be sure that there is extensive water damage up above. In fact, left unattended, that missing shingle can eventually lead to structural damage on your home.

Repairing your roof as soon as possible after a storm will save you a significant amount of money and stress down the road. If you haven’t had your roof inspected this year, yet, call us at (612) 263-9262. We are happy to assist you with all of your roof inspection and roof repair needs in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding areas.

summer roof inspections

Minor Water Damages Can Turn Into Serious Problems Faster Than You’d Think!


4 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Residential Gutters

4 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Residential Gutters

Follow These Steps For Clean Gutters.

Clean gutters ensure that out roof stays in good condition. When our gutters are full of leaves and debris, it can cause rainwater to pool on the roof, causing leaks and other damage. In order to keep our gutters clean, it’s important to know what steps to take so that it’s done correctly. Below are the four steps you need to take to clean gutters on your roof.

Wear The Proper Attire

While this doesn’t seem important, there are things in our gutters beside leaves and debris. There could be insects or even nests, so wearing goggles, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and gloves can keep your fully protected from anything you might encounter.

Use The Correct Equipment

You’ll want to use a ladder that won’t damage the gutters. Using stabilizers or ladder horns will ensure no damage is done to the gutters. Also, using a plastic scoop to remove leaves and debris is a good idea. Although you will have gloves, a scoop will be able to clear any stubborn debris.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Once you have the right attire and equipment, you can clean gutters right away! You’ll want to go the length of the gutters and remove any debris you see. A tip that is very handy is to have a garbage bag next to you. You can dispose of any leaves or debris in the bag and keep your lawn clean.

Wash Out Gutters

When you have removed all of the debris, you should wash out the gutters with a hose. This will ensure all debris is cleared. Sometimes the downspout can become clogged, so spraying your hose up the downspout should clear any clogs. Also, this is a good method to check to see if there are leaks or cracks in the downspout.

Need residential roofing services in Minneapolis, MN? Call the experts at Capital Construction at (612) 263-9262 today!

Signs You Need a New Roof Drain

Roof drain system.

Overflowing rain gutters can indicate a problem with roof drainage.

A home’s roof drain has the job of transporting water off the roof and away from the house. A roof drain that leaks or fails to function properly can create serious problems. Aside from damage to the roof, you risk damage to your home’s appearance and foundation. If you think you have a problem with your roof drain in Minneapolis, MN, you’ll want to check for the following signs.

Overflowing Gutters

Gutters that overflow can indicate general roof drainage issues. You may need to simply clean your gutters, since leaves and debris can impede their functionality. As clogs develop in your gutters, water that never reaches the downspout can overflow. Several signs around your house can indicate overflowing gutters. If you see any mud splatters or dirt streaks on your walls, or standing pools at the foundation, you probably have a roof drainage issue.

Gushing Downspouts

Downspouts that gush too closely to the house have not been situated far enough away. When water collects near the house, it can seep into the foundation and cause cracks. Excess water can also make its way down into the basement.

Roof Drain Basement Problems

Believe it or not, problems with roof drainage can impact the lowest levels of your home. If you have problems with flooding in your basement, you likely have a roof drainage issue. As excess water collects around the home, it seeps into the basement. Small indicators of this problem can include flaking paint, mineral deposits, or mildew.

A damaged roof drain can create serious problems for your home and roof. To ensure the condition of your roof and home in Minneapolis, MN, contact Capital Construction today at (612) 263-9262.

Identify And Deal With A Leaking Roof

Photo of leaking

A Leaking Roof Can Cause Extensive Damage If Left Unchecked.

Roofs can require many different kinds of repair. Among the causes of roof repair, a leak in your roof can be one of the most destructive problems. When your roof is leaking, it is important to get your roof fixed as quickly as possible. The water that finds its way into your home can cause mold, mildew and even wood rot within your home’s structure, irrevocably damaging the internal structure. When you believe your roof may need leak repair, how can you identify and repair the leak?

Leaking Roof Tips

Identify A Leak

First thing’s first: you must determine if you have a leak. You may have seen some water dripping from the ceiling. This is a sign that there may be a leak. Go to your attic and inspect the structure to find the source of the water. If you cannot seem to find it, you may have a friend or family member pour water on your roof’s exterior to create a drip.

Patch The Leak Source

Next, stop the progress of the water and the damage it can cause. There are roof patches that you can use as a temporary measure available at your local home improvement store. This will give you the ability to schedule a full repair at a later time. Remember however these are temporary.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Schedule an inspection from your local roofer. With a leak, there may be some existing damage on your roof and the leak itself may have caused some damage in your building. It is important to have your roof complete a full inspection to tell you if repair or even replacement is necessary.

Do you need roof replacement? Capital Construction completes roof installations for your home in Minneapolis, MN. Give us a call today at (612) 263-9262. 

Roofing Myths You Might Believe


MYTHSAll fields have myths that arise. While myths can be good fun, they can mislead you and create misunderstandings. Separating fact from fiction can give you all the information you need to make a decision on your roofing. If you think some information may be a myth, always check with your roofer. They will be happy to give you the correct information and dispell myths.

Top 3 Roofing Myths

Myth #1 It’s More Cost Effective To Pay For Repairs After Damage Has Happened.

Many people believe the myths that having annual inspections and regular repair are not economical choices. Waiting until damage arises can actually be more costly than having your roof inspected and repaired regularly. With regular inspections, your roofers can fortify and weakened area’s on your roof, giving you additional protection from damage and lengthening the life of your roof.

Myth #2 Repairing Damaged Shingles Is As Simple As Installing New Shingles Over The Old Ones.

This myth is not only wrong, it can cause more damage! In order to repair shingles, the best thing to do is removed the damaged materials and then replace them. Installing materials over the old shingles will only cause the likelihood of more damage.

Myth #3 Cedar Shakes Don’t Last Very Long As A Roofing Option.

Cedar shakes are made of a natural material. This leads people to believe it is not a good roofing option and that it won’t last. However, like any roofing material, the difference is in the process of making the shakes. Cedar shakes last on average from 30 to 40 years! This means your roof will last you for most of your life.

Have some roofing questions or myths you want dispelled? Call Capital Construction today at (612) 263-9262!

4 Warning Signs That It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Our roof ensures that we are safe in our home, so it’s important that it’s in good condition. It’s inevitable that we will eventually have to replace our roofs, but how do we know for sure it’s time? Below are four warning signs that it’s time for a roof replacement.

4 Warning Signs That It's Time For A Roof Replacement

The Age Of Your Roof

Usually, a roof will last you for 20 to 25 years. It could look like it’s in great shape, but eventually, you will have to replace it.

The Shingles Are Curling

There are two types of cupping on a roof. The first is cupping, where the edges turn upward. The second is clawing, where the middle of the shingle is raising up. If your shingles have these characteristics, it’s time for a roof replacement.

Shingles Are Missing Or Decaying

If you have a whole area of your roof with missing shingles, you should call a roofer immediately. Also, if the shingles on your roof look like they are rotten or cracked, you are in need of a roof replacement.

The Chimney Flashing Is Damaged

Your flashing is a layer of material which can consist of metal and tar. It acts as a barrier to prevent water from breaking through the roof. If you have tar then it should be replaced with a water tight material. If the metal material is rusted, you need to replace it.

To ensure your Minneapolis, MN residential and commercial roof doesn’t need to be replaced, give the expert roofers at Capital Construction a call at (612) 263-9262 today!