Weathering Snow on Your Roof This Winter

wintry barnIt is a pleasure to watch snow blanket the ground, and there are countless hours of fun to be had in while playing in the snow. It is also no secret that snow can damage trees, bring down power lines, and make travel a hazard, but did you know that it can also damage your roof? To help you combat the harsh effects of winter precipitation, we walk through the basics of snow damage here.

Snow may cause damage to a roof in a number of ways, one being as the snow begins to melt. While the melting snow drains down the roof, it may encounter trapped debris and ice that prevent it from draining properly, causing the water to pool up on the roof. This sitting water will slowly begin to degrade the roofing material or seek alternate routes to drain, often leading to roof leaks near weak points on your roof or around vents and flashings.

The added weight of snow on a roof is another cause for concern. A roof is designed to support a certain amount of weight and exceeding this limit can create dangerous conditions. The chances increase for damage and even collapse, and while this is typically observed in poorly maintained or aging roofs, it can happen to any structure under the right conditions.

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