Roof Insurance Claims Help

Roof Insurance Claims Help

Capital Construction Offers Roof Insurance Claims Help for Your Home or Business.

When you are looking for roof damage insurance claim assistance in Burnsville, MN, call our roofing contractors today! As a residential or commercial building owner, filing a roof damage insurance claim through a insurance provider is really overwhelming. Although the insurance provider is available to help, the process of filling out and what destruction is most concerning is a really difficult experience. Hailstones and wind damage that has impacted your roofing, will become worse if handled, but several people don't want to cope with filing. At Capital Construction we are available to deliver our homeowner and office customers with roof damage insurance claims aid.

All of our clients who use our roof damage insurance claims help service will get a roofing inspection, that can determine what type of damage your roof has. After a full roofing examination has been performed, our roofers will get with our customers to look through roof options. Our roofing contractors won't only offer thorough examinations, they will also consult with you on the insurance claim procedure and if it is worth submitting. Insurance companies will need all of the appropriate paperwork for them to file the claim, so you can give them a copy of our damage report for your records. Let the roofers at Capital Construction to get your roofing back in good condition with our roofing repair and roof replacement service. To setup an appointment for a roofing inspection or roof damage insurance claims service, contact us today at 952-222-4004!

Roofing Insurance Process

Roofing Insurance Process

Our Roofing Insurance Claims Process Is Very Straightforward.

Filing roof insurance claims can be made easier when you have a roofing inspection done by a roofing company prior to filing. An adjuster inspection must occur when you file, so when you first talk with your insurance company you will schedule the most convenient date. Your roof insurance claims adjuster will investigate all the damage in order to create a report which indicates what repairs are needed.

The statement from your roofing contractor will assist you when negotiating with the adjuster, supplying proof for filing and letting you know of all current damage so you can work with the insurance company.

  • Send in the roof inspection statement with your filing documentation to your insurance adjuster.
  • Before and after images of your roof are also important to provide in order to have evidence of damage.

After evaluation, your adjuster will give you their damage report based on their own assessment and the delivered paperwork. Repairs can begin when you receive your first check with your damage report. After repairs are concluded, your insurance company will receive an invoice from your roofing contractor and they send a second check. If you need additional information on our roof insurance claims process in Burnsville, MN, call 952-222-4004.

Professional Help Filing Roof Insurance Claims

When you need help with your roof insurance claims, the roofing contractors at Capital Construction are the ones to call. From primary inspection to roof repair or replacement, we assist you through every step of this process. Your needs and customer experience are our first priority, and because of this, we take time to ensure you are totally apart of the roofing process and your requirements are met. Contact 952-222-4004 for our roofers to get started on your roof insurance claims in Burnsville, MN today. We know that roof insurance claims can be stressful, but we are here to help every step of the way with any storm damage that your roof has recently been inflicted with.