Storm Damaged Roof Repair in Burnsville, MN

Storm Damaged Roof Repair

Capital Construction Offer Premiere Storm Damage Roof Repair for Hail and Wind Damaged Roofs.

Even the most well-designed and well-constructed roofs can be powerless against the brute force of mother nature. A storm can produce a lot of damage to your home, business, and even your roofing system. A lot of people think rain or hail are the only things that can damage your roof, but this is simply not true. The winds generated during a storm can be strong enough to completely remove roofing materials from your roof. Property owners can get damage from 50 MPH winds during a severe storm, with the gusts blowing trees and power lines on top of the roof. Checking for potential damage to your roof after a storm has hit is important and should be conducted by a licensed roof inspector. The roofers at Capital Construction know exactly what your insurance company is looking for when assessing roof storm damage. Our roofers can make sure that our customers are getting affordable and quick repairs by working directly with their insurance company. For storm damaged roof repair in Burnsville, MN, call Capital Construction at 952-222-4004 to schedule an appointment.

What to Look For

What To Look For

When Inspecting Your Roof for Storm Damage, There Are a Few Things to Look Out for.

While you should always trust a roofing professional to examine your roof for storm damage, there are a few things that every homeowner can do to check for signs of damage after a storm.

  • Attic: Looking in your attic for signs of water damage is a great place to start as it is directly under your roof, and therefore likely the first part of your home exposed to water as it enters from a vulnerable spot in your roofing.
  • Missing Materials: Take a walk around your home and look for any shingles, fascia other roofing materials that may have been removed by the storm.
  • Trees/Power Lines: One of the most obvious signs of roof storm damage is a downed tree or power line that has fallen on your roof.
  • Hail Damage: Hail can cause indentations in your roofing materials, siding, and gutters.

If you have recently experienced severe weather and believe that your roof might have been damaged, contact Capital Construction at 952-222-4004 for storm damaged roof repair in , MN.

Our Storm Damage Roof Repair Services

When you have a damaged roof due to hail or wind, we are the roofing company to call. Not only do we offer exceptional roof repair services, we also provide assistance with your roof insurance claims.

  • Emergency Roof RepairEmergency Roof Repair If you need emergency roof repair due to hail, wind, or other severe weather, call Capital Construction. Our roofers are here to provide you with reliable and precise emergency roof repairs.
  • Hail Damage Roof RepairHail Damage Roof Repair If your home or business’s roof has been inflicted by hail damage, call us! We can get your roof back in great shape with our high-quality roof repairs for hail damage.
  • Roof Insurance Claims HelpRoof Insurance Claims Help Roof insurance claims can be confusing, but with our help, we’ll make the process easier. Our process is simple and straightforward, making your insurance claims easy.
  • Roof Leak RepairRoof Leak Repair Is your home’s roof leaking due to hail damage or wind damage? We offer roof leak repair services. The roofers at Capital Construction can identify and repair any leak that you have on your roofing system.
  • Wind Damage Roof RepairWind Damage Roof Repair For roof repairs due to severe wind damage, Capital Construction is the roofing company to call. Our roofers will get your roof back to normal with our quick and reliable roof repair services.

Let the roofing contractors at Capital Construction help you with your storm damaged roof repair in Burnsville, MN when you call us at 952-222-4004. We are committed to getting your roof back in excellent condition with our reliable and efficient roof repair services.