Elastomeric Roof Coating

Has your commercial roof reached the end of its lifespan? It may feel as if you need to get a new roofing system, you may just need a roof restoration. As a more affordable option than roof replacement, restorations preserve the current roof.

What Are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

Elastomeric roof coatings represent the most popular option in roof restoration and are available in various types. For any estimates or questions about an elastomeric roof coating in Burnsville, MN, call our team at 952-222-4004. We supply a selection of roof restoration choices here at Capital Construction, and our roofers are more than happy to answer any of your roofing concerns and questions.

How an Elastomeric Roof Coating Can Benefit You

How An Elastomeric Roof Coating Can Benefit You

From Affordability to Ease of Installation, There Are Many Elastomeric Roof Coating Benefits.

You should receive many great advantages when you choose to have roof restoration or a coating applied. First of all, most elastomeric roof coatings can be installed right on top of your existing roof. Because the removal and transfer of a dilapidated roofing system can be quite expensive, the straightforwardness of application stands as an excellent money-saver. Furthermore, typical commercial roofing materials will take hundreds of years to break down, so keeping that garbage out of the landfills, you are helping the environment in the process! With the ease of application and cost of coatings, it makes having elastomeric roof coatings very beneficial for commercial clients.

Elastomeric roof coatings are great for waterproofing an entire roofing system, as well as fix minor breaches and tears. Elastomeric coatings are also amazing at reducing the cost of energy bills. Service for an elastomeric roof coating in Burnsville, MN can start as soon as you reach out to us at 952-222-4004. We have several roof restoration coating options available for any need or budget. Let the roofers at Capital Construction save you money and stress with our high-quality and efficient elastomeric roof coating service. You will see improvements in your energy bills and no longer worry about getting a new roof replacement. If you still have questions regarding this type of roof coating, we will walk through the whole process to ensure you are getting the roof coating that best fits your needs, as well as your roofing systems.