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Roof Restoration in Burnsville, MN

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Is your commercial roof failing from advanced age or general wear and tear? Depending on the extent of the wear and tear, you will be left with an option between roof restoration and roofing replacement. If you are behind on your building’s roofing maintenance, or if your roof needs more than a few repairs, a roof restoration is a great alternative to a roofing replacement, and can greatly prolong the lifespan of your roof if applied before the damages are too severe. In order to benefit from roof restorations, it is critical that you act fast, or damages can worsen, and roof replacement will be the only option left. If you require a professional roof restoration company in Burnsville, MN that you can count on to save you money and extend the longevity of your roofing, you can count on Capital Construction! Call us at 952-222-4004 to set up an appointment for roof restorations service.

Roof Restoration Solutions

Your building’s commercial roof system is susceptible to several different types of damage throughout its lifespan, from UV damages to weather damages. Contrary to other roofing contractors that jump at the chance to perform an expensive roof replacement, it is our goal to make sure you have had a chance to look into alternate options, as well. If you’re looking to avoid spending thousands of dollars on labor and materials, roof restorations in lieu of a roofing replacement is a good place to start. Cracked seams, broken roof membrane, and standing water are all roofing problems that can be addressed with a roof restoration. For expert roof restoration in Burnsville, MN, call us at 952-222-4004, or click on the links below to learn more! With fully insured roofers that are educated in industry standards, we work diligently to deliver total customer satisfaction every single time!

  • Acrylic Roof CoatingAcrylic Roof Coating Get better protection and lengthen the lifespan of your roof with an acrylic roof coating. Our roofers are experts in applying acrylic roof coatings on your existing roofing system.
  • Commercial Roof RestorationCommercial Roof Restoration Avoid having a complete roof replacement with Capital Construction commercial roof restoration. We can give you greater UV protection, weather resistant, and water resistant roofing with our services.
  • Elastomeric Roof CoatingElastomeric Roof Coating If your roof is worn and in great need of a facelift, consider elastomeric roof coatings. With this coating, you will have a roof that is waterproof, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Polyurea Roof CoatingPolyurea Roof Coating A polyurea roof coating will protect your roof and give it better UV protection and so much more. The roofers at Capital Construction can apply this roof coating to any roofing system.
  • Silicone Roof CoatingSilicone Roof Coating Are you interested in a roof coating installation? Silicone roof coatings are an effective roof coating. These are easy roof coating to apply and great for the environment.

If you still have questions concerning these roof restoration coatings, our roofers will be happy to go through these options in more detail.

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Contact for Roof Restoration and Roof Coatings Today

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At Capital Construction, we want to do what’s best for your roofing system, but also for our customers. We aren’t the type of roof company that will suggest a roof replacement service when you don’t need one. It’s important that we go over all possible solutions before we go down that road. With roof restoration service, our commercial clients won’t have to worry about handing over thousands of dollars, when a roof coating will easily and effectively save their roof. However, if your roof is beyond restoration, we will suggest a complete roof replacement. While roof replacements can be stressful, we will stand by our customers throughout the whole process and keep them in the loop. We are committed to providing our customers with not only the best roofing services, but also the best customer service. For a roofing company that is honest and reliable, call Capital Construction today at 952-222-4004 to receive excellent roof restoration in Burnsville, MN.