Roof Damage from Falling Leaves

It is fall and the leaves are coming down. Though dying and falling leaves on roofs are not usually a danger–in fact, they’re often beautiful–they can still cause a few problems. When the leaves fall heavily onto your roof, and then it rains, they can get lodged in places and stuff your gutters. Over time, these leaves can rot and cause damage within the shingles. To avoid roof damage from falling leaves in Minneapolis, MN, call (612) 263-9262.

When these falling leaves filling your gutters, they become heavy. If the wood on your roof is damaged, cracks can form, and then so may leaks. All of this can then lead to mold, falling gutters, and other, larger problems.

Orange and Yellow Leaves Collected on Roof and in Gutter

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Watching for Roof Damage from Falling Leaves

As fall progresses, watch your and the falling leaves. If they start to collect, remove them. You can use a blower, or broom if you don’t have a blower. If you have professional lawn care services, sometimes they will take care of it for you. If you get up on a ladder, take special precautions; don’t climb up onto the roof unless you take all safety measures. I could be slippery.

If Roof Damage Already Exists

Hopefully, you never have to deal with roof damage caused by falling leaves. However, if those rotting leaves have been left up there for years, it’s possible. You should have your roof thoroughly inspected by roof technicians. They can discover and solve problems you may have.

If you suspect leaves may be causing damage, call Capital Construction at (612) 263-9262. For roof damage from falling leaves in Minneapolis, MN cause a problem, we will come sort it out.