Low E Windows Installation Service

photo of windowsLow E glass is an abbreviation “low emissivity” in reference radiant thermal energy. All materials naturally either emit radiant energy, or heat, reflect it or absorb it. Low E windows use an ultra thin metallic coating either within or on top of the glass in order to reflect heat away. For your Low E windows installation service in Minneapolis, MN today, call Capital Construction.

How it Works

Sunlight is a combination of types of light, constantly radiating down to the world and into your homes. These lights include visible light, which allows us to see everything around us, infrared light (IR) and ultraviolet light (UV). Extended exposure to UV light damages fabrics, skin and wood. It causes colors to fade or bleach. IR light is what causes objects to heat up – like your car door handle in July. IR light from the sun is particularly powerful and is known for warming furniture, sidewalks, floors and more to a painful degree.

Low E windows reflect IR and UV light away from your home or building. This helps immensely in keeping your house cooler. Conversely, in the winter Low E windows also reflect the heat on the inside so that your warmth doesn’t escape your house. 

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photo of window installation serviceWhether you choose for a hard coat or soft coat to be applied, the Low E glass actively reflects heat as well as drastically reduces condensation. Low E windows are created in the molten glass stage, so that the layers of reflectivity are layered wholly throughout the product. Some manufacturers even suspend transparent films of Low E between pieces of glass. Consequently, this method also blocks about 99.5% of all UV light. This type of insulation glass will help your energy bills lower each month as well as lift extra stress away from your air conditioning system and heater year round, helping your air system work more effectively for a longer span of time.

As we tend to naturally lose 25% of our residential heat through our windows, Low E windows are well worth the price. Capital Construction provides full Low E windows installation service throughout Minneapolis, MN. Dial our number today to learn more! (612) 263-9262