Cedar Shake Roofs

cedar roof and capital construction truckThe licensed and insured roofing contractors from Capital Construction have the training and experience you can rely on for cedar shake roof repair and installation in Minneapolis, MN. Cedar shake roofing systems not only offer exceptional natural beauty, but they also can help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses. It’s no wonder that cedar roofing shakes have been used to protect homes for many years. Their superior durability means that this could be the last roof you ever install on your home. We even offer a limited lifetime warranty for every new roof we construct.

Our Twin Cities roofers are cedar roofing specialists who can complete virtually any cedar shake roof repair and installation in Minneapolis, MN. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for a new cedar shake roof and learn more about how you can improve your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Cedar Roofing Experts

Not only is our team of licensed roofing contractors well versed with various roofing materials, but our knowledge of cedar roofing products is unrivaled. Our roofers are Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Approved Installers. 

Cedar Shakes and Shingles

There are two primary types of cedar roofing commonly installed on home’s – cedar shakes and cedar shingles. The main difference between the two materials is that cedar shingles are more uniformly manufactured producing a more even surface on both sides of the shingle. Cedar shakes were originally hand split using a froe and mallet.

Modern cedar shakes are manufactured using specially designed machinery that produces more consistently sized shakes than the traditional hand-split method. Becuase cedar shingles are more regular in size and shape; they lay flat on your roof similar to asphalt shingles. The uneven size and shape of cedar shakes create a more rustic, rugged and natural roofline.

You can count on the roofers from Capital Construction for cedar shake roofing repair and installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Maintaining Cedar

Cedar Shake Maintenance

While cedar roofing provides unrivaled natural beauty and can last up to 50 years, they require more maintenance than other roofing materials such as metal. Without routine maintenance, your cedar roof will deteriorate and develop issues that may require substantial repairs or even replacement. Below, are a few helpful tips that can help homeowners maintain their cedar shake roofs.

  • Damaged/Missing Shakes/Shingles: Ceder roofing systems are underlined by roofing felt that is vulnerable to water damage if left exposed by a damaged or missing shingle or shake.
  • Clear Any Debris: Cedar roofs need to breathe to prevent moisture from saturating your shingles or shakes. Trimming trees to limit shade over a cedar roof helps it to dry more effectively after storms and prevents limbs and other debris from falling on your roof during a storm.
  • Regularly Clean Shingles: Having a roofing professional wash your cedar roof with specially designed equipment prevents the build up of potentially harmful mosses and molds that can wreak havoc on cedar roofing,

Make Repairs

When to Call a Cedar Shake Roofer

While cedar roofing systems are among the most durable roofing materials available to homeowners, even the strongest materials will eventually be worn by the natural process of weathering. This means that every homeowner needs to know what to look for so they know when to call a roofer to make cedar roofing repairs. Below we have provided a list of a few tell-tale signs that your cedar roof may need to be repaired by a professional roofing contractor.

  • Split Cedar: Typically, the culprit for split shingles is direct impact damage caused by hail or other debris that may fall on a roof during a powerful storm. We recommend having your roof assessed by one of our professional roofers after major storms to check for potential damage.
  • Curled Cedar: Exposure to the usual levels of the sun’s radiation and moisture in the atmosphere leads to the inevitable curling of some of your cedar shakes and shingles. However, severely curled shingles need to be replaced.
  • Cracked Cedar: All wood contracts and expands when exposed to accelerated changes in temperature and moisture and cedar is no exception. Over time, repeated contraction and expansion can cause your cedar shakes and shingles to warp and crack. Some warping is a normal part of owning a cedar roof. However, shingles of shakes with larger cracks should be replaced to avoid water damage.
  • Rotting Cedar: Like other woods, cedar needs to be able to breathe to release any moisture it accumulates. Roofs that are located under trees have a more difficult time drying out after storms because shade from the tree keeps the roof cooler, allowing it to retain more moisture. Also, any debris that is blown onto the roof can compound this problem leading to moss and mold growing inside your roof.

When you need cedar shake roof repair and installation in Minneapolis, MN, trust Capital Construction.

Why Choose Cedar?

Cedar Roofing Benefits

Cedar roofing materials have been used for centuries in various applications and continue to be a popular option for many homeowners today. Whether you are considering replacing your current roof with cedar shingles or cedar shake roofing, you can be sure that you are choosing a high-quality material that offers several unique advantages.

  • Durability: Cedar roofs, if properly maintained, can outlast most other roofing materials. In fact, a cedar roof may be the last roof you ever have installed on your home. Ask about our limited lifetime warranties.
  • Natural Style: Cedar shakes and shingles can improve the curb appeal of any home by adding a rustic feeling and textured dimensions to your roof line.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Because cedar shingles and shakes are constructed from 100% all-natural cedar wood, there are no harsh materials involved in the construction of your cedar roof.
  • Energy Efficient: Cedar makes an excellent natural insulator that helps keep the temperature inside your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – saving you on energy costs every month.

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