Roof Flashing Repair

Flashing Roof Repair

Better Flashing Roof Repair at Capital Construction

Rainfall has a quick access point through deteriorated flashing. Since roof leaks harm everything from your insulation, walls, ceiling, and roofing, they need to be addressed soon. Water gets carried toward your flashing through the roof’s drainage system. Because of its role in the drainage system, deteriorated flashing becomes crucial to repair. As rain pours down, the drainage structure moves the water to the vulnerable areas through flawed flashing. Call our roofers now at 952-222-4004 for Burnsville, MN roof flashing repair services. Capital Construction stands as the area expert for all roof flashing repair.

Flashing Repair Indicators

Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule repair if you notice these indicators for roof flashing repair. As damaged flashing exposes your roofing system, it can result in more repairs and even full flashing replacement in the future.

  • Age: It is commonplace with aged homes to install roofer cement or tar in the place of flashing. As these materials start to break down, the homeowner will need to call for maintenance. If you think your flashing is past it’s prime, a simple roof inspection will be able to determine this. We use modern, first-rate metal when our roofers repair your home’s roof flashing.
  • Rust or Corrosion: Metal flashing will need necessary replacement someday. It’s time for a complete restoration if you have noticed that the flashing has started to rust. Rust reveals that the flashing itself is now susceptible to water. As rust persists, it will eventually corrode the flashing to the state where it does nothing at all.
  • Roof Leaks: Damaged or improperly installed flashing could become a big cause for water leaks in your residence. Your roofing’s drainage system, while it performs an indispensable service, will also create vulnerabilities around flashing. Flashing acts as a guard to protect your roof from harm, so parts that have begun to leak need to get repaired as quickly as possible.

For roof flashing repair in Burnsville, MN, give us a call at 952-222-4004.

Contact Our Team Right Away

Contact Our Team Right Away

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For all issues with roofing flashing, contact us straight away! A total inspection from our roofers will show which parts of your flashing need repair or replacement service. At Capital Construction, we are the experts to contact for roof flashing repair or other flashing services. Call 952-222-4004 for roof flashing repair in Burnsville, MN today.