Going Through the Insurance Claim Process

Roof DamageDealing with the aftermath of storm damage to your roof can be difficult and frustrating. Here is a guide to getting through the insurance claim process and getting your roof repaired with as little stress as a possible.

Initial Inspection

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the damage to your roof. Hail damage is not always clearly visible. Of course, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t go without repairs. Even tiny cracks in shingles can cause problems to the overall roof structure given the time. Hiring a roofing inspector is your best bet to finding every minute issue with the roof and ensuring it is repaired.

Insurance Claim

Once the inspection is complete you will file with your insurance company to have the damage repaired. You don’t have to go this process on your own. At Capital Roofing, we have roofing experts who can guide you every step of the way to make sure your roof gets the repairs it needs. Insurance companies will send out an adjuster who will determine what the damage and repairs costs will look like. One of our professional inspectors can work with the adjuster on your behalf to see to the necessary costs being covered.

Roof Repair

Once the insurance claim is approved, repairs on your roof will begin. Capital Roofing will get the job done quickly and efficiently so we can reverse the damage to your roof and get it back in great condition again as soon as possible. After the work is completed we will be your insurance company for any costs that were not covered in the first estimate.

No one wants the hassle of filing for insurance claims and going through the process of getting an accurate estimate. That is why Capital Roofing will help you get the repairs you need in Minneapolis, MN. Call now for more information: (612) 263-9262.