How Gusty Winds Can Damage A Roof

windy fieldWhen you first hear that a storm is incoming, what flashes through your mind? Storms can have many dangerous components, but strong winds can be one of the most destructive elements of nature. To help you protect against wind damage, we briefly walk through the basics here.

Wind does not blow across a surface evenly. As it impacts the surface, the edges are subject to higher wind pressure than the center due to the fact that they must absorb the initial impact of the wind. This same phenomenon occurs when wind gusts over a roof. It should not come as a surprise to learn that the edges of a roof are often the first to sustain damage, thanks to the higher wind pressure.

When the wind pressure is strong enough to lift roofing material, wind is able to blow in underneath and peel the material away from the roof. The most highly recommended method of combating wind damage is to have your roof regularly inspected by a trusted roofing professional. An experienced roofing technician will be able to identify roof damage that is not easily detected with the untrained eye. This is where the team at Capital Construction can help! Call us today at (612) 263-9262 for rapid storm damage repairs.