Gutters: An Unsung Roofing Hero

You have prepared your roof for winter, had it inspected for damage, and had any damage or wear repaired. At this point, you may believe your roof is ready for anything that mother nature can possibly dish out this winter season. However, have you had your gutters inspected? This roofing system plays an important role in your roofing and how it deals with weather. It is key that this system is in peak condition.

Why Gutters Are Important

Photo of guttersWhen rain, debris, and even snow lands on your roof, it has to go somewhere. Just sitting on your roof, these can cause damage. In order to prevent damage, these are collected in your gutters and taken away from your roof. When your gutters are damaged, it can lead to overflow and build up, meaning your roof will become damaged.

In order to keep these at their best, inspect your gutters regularly. If you find any rust, damage, or bubbling, you will need a roofer or gutter service to inspect it. They may recommend replacement depending on how extensive these are. Also, take the time to inspect your drainpipe to make sure it is not clogged or damaged. A clogged drainpipe means water and debris will not be able to leave your gutters. When you find gutter system damage, it is important to have your roof checked at the same time for any water damage.

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