TPO Roofing

Roofs of the big warehouse - aerial view

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a blend of rubber, plastics and polymers that forms a flexible roofing membrane, purposed for commercial roofing applications. Ideal for flat roofs, TPO roofing systems are a great way to protect your commercial property from the daily wear and tear of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, high winds and pounding precipitation. In fact, TPO roofs can even help you save money on your energy expenses by reflecting sunlight away from your building instead of absorbing it – keeping it cooler during the summer and saving you money on cooling costs. If you are thinking about installing TPO roofing in Minneapolis, MN, contact Capital Construction to learn more about your options.

Why Choose a TPO Roofing Membrane?

TPO roofing is a unique mixture of rubbers and plastics that is specifically designed to resist degradation by several of the leading causes of weathering including prolonged exposure to UV rays, chemicals and ozone. TPO roofing systems are single ply roofing membranes that contain three distinct layers. A reinforced polyester center, sometimes called a scrim, is attached to a base layer of TPO polymer and the roof is topped with another layer of TPO compound.

These technological developments have helped TPO to rapidly become the preferred commercial roofing system for many warehouses, businesses and other commercial buildings. Among one of the most significant advantages offered by TPO is the fact that it reduces the temperature of your building by employing a highly reflective surface that prevents your roof from absorbing heat from the sun. This effectively keeps your property cooler and reduces how much you spend on cooling your building every month.

TPO roofing membranes can be attached to your existing roof in several manners including, ballasts and adhesion. While there are options for you to consider when installing a TPO roof, installation can be completed without noisy and intrusive construction that can disrupt your daily business. Moreover, the relatively low upfront cost of TPO roof installation makes it one of the most attractive options for many property owners and managers.

The most important factor that influences the lifespan and effectiveness of a TPO roofing membrane is a quality installation. If the roof is installed improperly, you will experience issues with your roof that will require repair. Always trust one of the licensed and experienced roofing contractors from Capital Construction to install your TPO roofing in Minneapolis, MN.