Our Owner - Andy Oakes

Andrew C. Oakes is Owner/Operator of Capital Construction LLC. He specializes in replacement and repair of roofs, windows, siding and gutters with an emphasis and extensive knowledge of cedar roofs.

Andrew has been surrounded by the roofing industry since he was a child. With a father in the industry himself, Andrew began roofing along-side of him and learned the physical side to the field. At age 20, Andrew began selling roofs for a national company. He quickly became one of the top salesmen at this company before setting out on his own venture.

Before starting his own business, he made it a priority to learn extensive information about cedar roofs. His goal was to be an expert in the cedar industry and push it as his specialty field for his company. Andrew’s passion for cedar roofs and selling has made it possible for his company to edge out much of their competition in the cedar industry, gaining more customers.

As a HAAG certified roof inspector, Andrew has inspected roofs across the country that exhibit poor quality, material and workmanship. Because of this, he has made it a priority to promote the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB) and alert customers to some of the poor products that are being pushed by other companies and distributers.

Andrew has an eager and fresh energy that will benefit all of Capital Construction’s homeowners, and he brings a new and exciting perspective to the ever growing industry.