3 Crazy Things That Crashed Through Roofs

Of all the worries a homeowner might have, having an unexpected object fall through their roof isn’t usually one of them. Here are three truly shocking (and, in one case, tragic) stories of times when the sky really was falling!

A Mess of “Blue Ice”

Blue Ice might sound like something from a Breaking Bad episode, but the truth is pretty gross: It’s a block of frozen waste from an airplane lavatory. Marian Liknes of Calgary, Canada, was trying to reach her ringing phone when she was suddenly struck by falling sheetrock, ice, and… other material. It was later determined that a passing airplane had experienced a failure in the o-rings that kept the waste hatch firmly closed, and the resulting leakage just happened to fall on poor Marian Liknes.

a picture of a cow in a fieldA Live Cow

Absolutely no one saw this coming, least of all Joao Maria de Souza of Brazil, who was just trying to get some shut-eye when his ceiling collapsed and a cow came crashing through. The bovine had roamed onto de Souza’s roof from an adjacent hill, causing a structural collapse. Sadly, the incident was fatal for de Souza, and the cow’s owner could face charges for the havoc his wandering cow wreaked.

An Actual Meteorite

Nobody expects a 4.5 billion year old space rock to hit their roof, but that’s exactly what happened to Larry Beck of Connecticut! Beck was in his living room one night when he heard a crash and saw sheetrock fall to the floor. Assuming that a beam had broken, he waited until daylight to go to his attic and look for damage. There, he found a fist-sized chunk of rock that Yale scientists later studied and found to be a genuine meteorite. That’s one time when having a hole in your roof might actually be worth the reward!

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